In 2005 I opted to take a class where we learned HTML/CSS with our year-end project being take what we learned throughout the year and make a full website, to which I made one about Nas (favorite rapper). After school days sometimes I’d go to Barnes & Noble and pickup some books such as Designing with Web Standards, Bulletproof Web Design and read blogs like 456 Berea Street, AListApart and check CSS Zen Garden for inspiration.

I landed an internship position in 2006 at E-site marketing which eventually was bought out by Sabre and transitioned from a Jr Web Developer to Web Developer to Backend/Application Developer working with HTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery with a LAMP stack. Moving forward I joined a consulting firm called Orases in 2017 and worked on various projects beyond the scope of hotels to enhance my experience using CakePHP/Vue.

Currently I work at Nomad Health on a React/Python/Flask stack with an onboarding/application workflow experience for travel nurses.